TEDxRWTHAachen 2019

On Saturday, October 26th 2019 our sixth TEDx conference was held here in Aachen. It was a one-day event centered around TED talks, 18-minute talks presenting ideas from different fields such as society, politics, technology, education etc. Our conferences, like all the other TED conferences, follow the motto of 'ideas worth spreading'. So people with different backgrounds come together to spread their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with local communities.

Our event was organized in the main hall of the main building of RWTH Aachen University, with an audience of 250 people, seven talks and one performance. With all its beauty and history that it carries, the main building was a great location to organize such an event. Giving the possibility of the historic infrastructure and the new ideas to harmoniously meet and make for a pleasant day.

In a world that is constantly in motion, constantly changing, momentum is present in our everyday life. With our theme 'Momentum' we wanted to present some of these changes that have happened lately in a variety of fields from different scientists, speakers and entrepreneurs.

As the event lasted till late afternoon, we had breaks incorporated to fuel the body with food and drinks, and also to give the possibility to talk with other attendees and speakers.

Regarding the talks we had a journey covering a wide range of topics from robotics; to blockchain and Bitcoin; to nuclear fuel; jumping to the delicate topic of human privacy and digitalization; tackling also with more personal experiences on successful communication and challenges of learning a foreign language; as well as with tips on how to make audiences listen.

You can find two photo albums from the event here and here. A warm thank you goes to our audience that made us possible to organize this event. It is so inspiring to see people coming together to learn new things, see new perspectives, be open to new experiences and willing to spread these further.

Special thanks are directed to all our speakers, organizing team and of course to all of our partners: