TEDxRWTHAachen 2018

On Saturday June 09th 2018 we held our fifth TEDx conference here in Aachen. TEDx is a one-day event that is centered around the so-called TED Talks. These up to 18-minute talks related to basically all topics in society, politics and the most recent scientific research, just as the TED talks at the original TED conferences following the motto “ideas worth spreading”. Overall, the setup of TED and TEDx enables people with innovative and outside-the-box ideas which deal with current topics and global issues to spread the word and share their ideas.

Our five-year anniversary conference in this year with an audience consisting of 200 people, eight talks and one performance was another big success. It was organized by 25 members of TEDx Club RWTH Aachen e.V. in the course of almost a whole year. Our location, the CT2 (Centre for Teaching and Training) in Melaten, was both a challenge and a big chance for our anniversary conference, having been finished only weeks before our event.

We chose the motto “Boldness” to set a focus on the courage it often takes to stand up for an unconventional idea. A great idea can easily be forgotten if there no bold person standing behind it, enthusiastically spreading that idea.

Besides the TEDx talks, that were held during three sessions in total, theinteraction between the attendees and the speakers is an important aspect in bringing the “TED spirit” to our conference. Especially during the lunch and coffee break there was plenty of time to get in touch with each other.

Moreover, there was an interactive framework program encouraging interaction. A diverse audience consisting of students of all kinds of subjects, alumni and other locals contributed to particularly interesting conversations. A great diversity was also achieved with regard to our speakers. In their talks, they took us from microplastic in the oceans to black holes in space, back to the highlands of Bolivia and finally to the Mediterranean Sea.

You can find two photo albums from the event here. Finally, we want to thank our audience that made the conference what it was. You shared with us what the world needs more of. Go out there and give the world as much of that thing as you can. Be bold!

Special thanks are directed to all our speakers, organizing team and of course to all of our partners: