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Become partner of TEDxRWTHAachen and be a part of a success story. Reach a young, inspiring and international target group at RWTH Aachen University. Target students from different study programs as well as citizens of the city. Furthermore, you can benefit from the international brand recognition of TEDx and it's reach online.


The conferences welcome regional and international speakers and performances that cover a wide range of inpiring topics and ideas - from research and science to global topics, business, culture and arts. All talks will be recorded and published on the YouTube Channel of TEDx under the Creative-Commons-Licence to reach an even larger audience.

Target Group

The audience consists of 70 external guests and 230 young, international and successful students of RWTH Aachen University. The University is known for it's excellent study programs and research in science. The target group is very diverse and interested in international topics and challenges. What brings all guests together is the belief that new ideas, creativity and innovation driven thinking are the basis for future development and progress. In addition, you will reach the citizens of Aachen and potentially thouands of viewers on YouTube and other social channels.

The past conference welcomed 300 Guests at the Aula of RWTH Aachen and an additional 500 livestream-viewers. We managed to become the #2 trending hashtag on twitter (in Germany) during the day of the conference with over 600 tweets. We can potentially rearch several a target group of several thousand with our website, facebook channel and newsletter.


There are two ways of financially supporting TEDxRWTHAachen. In addition to sponsoring the conference, the option of donating to the club will help the team sustain its success in the long-run.

Should you be interested in financial or non-financial support of the conference, please contact us for further details. We are looking forward to welcoming you as our partner on our future adventures!

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