Saturday - 05/27/2017
Saturday - 05/27/2017
Aula I, Templergraben 55, 52062 Aachen
Aula I, Templergraben 55, 52062 Aachen


Florian Aigner

Florian Aigner is a physicist and science journalist based in Vienna. As a journalist he uses a broad variety of media, such as specialist journals, newspapers as well as texts for children, with the main goal of clearing up pseudo-sciences. Still maintaining overall great popularity so-called pseudo-sciences are based on exoteric claims, that cannot be uphold with scientific evidence.

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Frank Piller

Prof. Dr. Frank Piller is professor for technology and innovation management at the RWTH Aachen. Having worked at multiple well known institutions all around the world, such as the TUM (Munich), the Hong Kong University of Science, and the MIT. Being a co-founder of the MIT Smart Customization Group he is one of the leading experts in his field in Germany. A major stream of his research focuses on innovation interfaces. He uses methods like co-creation with customers and tournament-based crowdfunding in order to optimize interfaces within organizations as well as ones with external actors, by and large increasing innovation success. His current focus lies on the latest disruptive technological innovations such as the challenge of digital transformation and Industrie 4.0.

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Günther Schuh

Günther Schuh is a professor for production engineering at RWTH Aachen University and member of several different directorial boards such as the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering and the Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology. His research covers a wide range of aspects of modern industrial engineering, from production and innovation management to business development for manufacturing companies and factory planning. With a strong commitment to real life industrial challenges and as initiator of both StreetScooter and e.GO Mobile, two electric car producers originating at RWTH Aachen University, he will make a stand for the Aachen academic landscape as a breeding soil for product and process innovation.

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Karlheinz Meier

Karlheinz Meier is a professor of experimental physics at Heidelberg University in Germany. He received his Ph.D. in 1984 from Hamburg University. For more than 30 years he worked in experimental particle physics, contributing to several experiments at the CERN and DESY laboratories. He designed and implemented a large-scale data selection system for an LHC experiment at CERN: Since 2005 he has shifted his interest towards custom hardware implementations of neural circuits. He has initiated and led 2 major European initiatives in the field (FACETS and BrainScaleS) and is currently co-director of the Human Brain Project, a flagship research project of the European Commission.

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Martin Kohlstedt

Martin Kohlstedt is a young pianist and composer who grew up in the forests of Thuringia, Germany. The key to the greatness of his mostly minimalistic music is the emotion he puts in every stroke of a key. It is difficult to describe music with words, so feel free to listen to one of his albums "Tag" (2012) and "Nacht" (2014) online.

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MODUS are a multiinstrumental duo that takes the audience on a journey through different musical landscapes and genres. Using kalimba, melodica, synthesizer, Guitar, Bass, and their voices, they encourage the listener to dream freely. Their sound is inspired by psychedelic heroes like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd as well as by the latest electronics acts like Caribou, Bonobo, and Chet Faker. All of their sounds, except for the electronic drums, are produced live on stage.

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Ruben Neugebauer

Ruben Neugebauer used to work as journalist, with a main focus on migration. He travelled on the various routes to Europe to tell the stories of those, the union wants to stop at its border by all means necessary and that has become the most deadliest border in the world. When he heard about a man, that wanted to buy a ship to rescue people in distress and to put pressure on the European Union to end this man made tragedy, he knew he had to join, even if it was just a crazy idea at that stage. In the days and months to follow, Sea-Watch was established and since then was able to rescue more than 20,000 people in distress on the central mediterranean and the Aegean sea. Still Ruben is on board in the back office and on the assets at sea to keep up the fight for a #safepassage.

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Stephen Lu

Stephen Lu, professor of Manufacturing Engineering at University of Southern California, is currently in Aachen as a visiting professor at the RWTH, discussing industry 4.0. His current scientific interests include design thinking, collaborative engineering, technology innovation, and education reform. Based on the vision of an imaginary classroom without physical boundaries he developed the iPodia pedagogy, enabling students from all over the world to study simultaneously and together as if they were in the same room. The project now includes 13 universities in four continents.

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Sven Eul

Already as a student Sven Eul felt that his mission was to make our world a little bit better. He does that today as the manager of BeBananas, a small company from Düsseldorf that sells Banana bread to cafes in different cities such as the ones owned by the Studentenwerk of RWTH Aachen University. Baking it they use bananas that would otherwise be thrown away, having saved more than 10 tons of food in the last year alone. The reasons why bananas are thrown away can be brown spots but also the simple fact, that they are “single”, meaning they are not part of a bunch anymore. BeBananas wants to set an example on how food like this can still be taken to good use.

Ulf Bosch

Ulf Bosch is a practical-empirical strategist and organizational developer. Having worked more than 17 years for strategy and Big4 consultancies, he brings in a strong methodological and practical focus that yields quantifiable benefits in real-world settings. He has a high aptitude to tell these stories through emotionally engaging as well as narrative-based interaction. His contribution is to make people step out of the comfort zone, dare to think long-range, pick a strategy and successfully change their behavior and mindset. He is convinced that it is the soft glue that engages the imagination. Apart from being passionate in his professional pursuits, Ulf has a strong personal commitment to athletics. He has finished the London marathon more than 20 times in a row (1996-2017), and counting. Ulf holds a BA (Hons) from the European School of Business (ESB) in London/Reutlingen and a MBA from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai.

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