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Our Speakers

Passant Faheem

Passant Faheem, a 23-year-old entrepreneur in Travel and Experience business, will discuss the five distinct stages she experienced in terms of personal, emotional, and business growth as a business owner.

Prof. Wil van der Aalst

Prof. Wil van der Aalst, widely considered the ‘Godfather’ of process mining, will share his insights on invisible improvements in business logic.

Brittney Noelle Walker-Zaleski

Brittney Noelle Walker-Zaleski, a poet, artist, and educator, will talk about the power of words and take us on a journey through her personal experiences.

Drs. Randall Birnberg

Drs. Randall Birnberg, an educator, and psychologist will share his insights on how to tap into our potential for happiness and well-being using “Positive Psychology”.

Dr. Roy van der Meel

Dr. Roy van der Meel, a biomedical researcher, will present new and groundbreaking work in nanomedicine and RNA therapeutics.

Eric Molin

Eric Molin, an international public speaking coach, will share his key belief that everyone has something to say which can change their world, and there is no “one” right way to say it.

Sebastian Friedrich Kowitz

Sebastian Friedrich Kowitz, CEO of a predictive analysis provider, will present the effect of predictive analytics applications in business.

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